Planeta Festival

Dans: Parallell av Alessandro Bascioni

Work-in-progress visning av kommande dansföreställning. 

Dansare: Martina von Schwerin, Liv Raissi och Hilda Dahlén. 

“Parallel”, Alessandro Bascioni’s new work, unfolds with a searching driving force weaving patterns that shift and spiral like the flow of life. The piece, for three dancers, delves into the lives of people living in parallel realities, close to each other yet, they stand alone. They search through physical, sensorial and mental limitations as if in a suspended state at the top of a cliff ready to  leap or fall. The dancer’s movements show  hidden emotion that emits a state of vulnerability and solitude in a palpable state of physical sensorial and mental  limitation. The work of Alessandro; its humanism, its use of breath, musicality, lyricism and its dramatic qualities demonstrate a physical expression of the evolving human spirit.

ExPro – Experimentscen för scenkonst och performance.

På scen: 18.00
Sluttid: ca 18.40

Arr: ExPro/World Dance Company. Plats: Kulturhuset Oceanen. Fri entré. (Plats kan bokas:

Samarbetspartners: Danscentrum Väst