Planeta Festival

Konsert: A Cooking Pot of Rhythm

Senny Camara Senegal/France in a Jam Session with Gothenburg-based musicians.
Senny Camara, vocalist, kora and guitar player, spent her childhood in a village in Senegal lulled by the traditional West African music that feeds her soul today. The authenticity and timelessness of her voice convey a captivatingly soulful note to her songs. Now living in Paris.
On stage together with:
Tapha Ndiongue
Stefan Bergman
Babou Jagne
Åke Zieden
Lamine Faty
Opening act: Bamba Fall.
Evenemangsbild: Senny Camara. Foto: Bertrand Cardot

På scen: 21.00
Sluttid: 23.00

Arr: Kalebassi. Plats: Café Hängmattan, Musikens Hus

Fri entré.

Missa inte på samma scen tidigare under kvällen Samia och Anna Heikkinen & Längtans kapell