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Konsert: Senny Camara gästar Nääs Konsthantverk

7 november
Nääs Konsthantverk
Fri Entré

Kora & Sång Solokonsert med Senny Camara

About Senny Camara
Having grown up to the sound of healing songs and chants of singers at traditional wrestling fights, Senny Camara takes us to the countries of the ancient Serer kingdoms, people of southern Senegal, while honoring the magical powers of the kora. But Senny Camara is not only a kora player, an instrument usually reserved for men; with her luminous voice, the artist draws the outlines of a personality shaped by ancestral melodies, pegged to desires of emancipation, curiosity and musical overtures according to the encounters that have led her from Senegal to Paris.

Öppettider på Nääs Konsthantverk söndagar,  kl 11-16

För information:  info@naaskonsthantverk.se

Kalebassi – A Cooking Pot of Rhythm

Arrangör: Kalebassi i samarbete med Folkuniversitetet och Nääs Konsthantverk

Adress: Mellannääs, Nääs allé 3, 448 52 Floda