Planeta Festival

Workshop: Hilal Dance

Hilal Dance – Moments of Suspension – med internationella gästläraren Alessandro Bascioni. För vuxna. 

In this dance laboratory, Alessandro will explore the range of movement between the extremes of harnessing gravity and falling in to it; for example, the moment the body falls completely back to earth.

There are many words and ideas that are immediately associated with the work of Alessandro; its humanism, its use of breath, musicality, lyricism and its dramatic qualities. Therefore, his work always demonstrates through movement, a physical expression of the human spirit.

Arr: World Dance Company. Plats: Kulturhuset Oceanen.  

Starttid: Lördag 2 nov 11.00, Söndag 3 nov 12.00
Sluttid: Lördag 2 nov 16.00,  Söndag 3 nov 16.00

Biljettpris: Lör 950 kr  Lör+Sön 1500 kr
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Samarbetspartner: Arabesque Academy, Hilal Dance Sweden