Planeta Festival

Workshop: Hilal Dance

Hilal Dance – Integration of the body – med internationella gästläraren Alessandro Bascioni.

Hilal Dance is the art dance based on all the creative, theatrical and educational work of Suraya Hilal. Avant-garde artist, Hilal, drawing upon her Arab/Egyptian cultural roots and her extensive research, has brought a new culture to the contemporary dance world.
In this workshop Alessandro will deepen the principal of dance exploring the structural and creative aspects of perception and dynamism with integrated movement. The work will develop across horizontal, vertical line and concentric line that interweave in space/time. The work is intended to stimulate and to develop an understanding of the body where every gesture of the dance can become a vehicle of one expressive personal intimate quality.

Arrangör: World Dance Company
Samarbetspartners: Arabesque Academy och Hilal Dance Sweden

Fri-Sun 1700 SEK
Sat-Sun 1500 SEK
Only Sat 950 SEK
Only Fri 350 SEK

Days & Times
Fri 2nd Nov 18.00-20.00 (Hilal dance bodywork & introduction)
Sat 3rd Nov 12.00-17.00 (bodywork, technic and dance)
Sun 4th Nov 12.00-16.00 (continuing from Sat.)

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