Planeta Festival

Workshop: Sång, trummor, dans från Mozambique

Foto: Ralf Rosenberg

Sjung, dansa och spela trummor tillsammans med Celso Paco från Mozambique.

Celso Paco was born in 1966 in Maputo, Mozambique. He grew up in an old fashioned tradition and started interpreting traditional music & dance from his roots native land since childhood.

Celso Paco did teacher training program in percussion at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he is attending a masters program at the department of folk music.
Celso has been working as a leader in folk music and dance workshops as well as a storyteller in schools, kindergartens, libraries and culture centers in many countries, i.e. Sweden, England, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Australia and USA.

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Arrangör: Svenska Kyrkan, Hjällbo.